A contemporary visualization of “The Plan of Salvation”, which the church I am a part of believes in.

It highlights the relationship between where we existed before we were born, the brief but significant role our life on earth has, and our potential for what we can achieve after we die.

Digitally illustrated in Procreate

(If the image is too large to see all at once, click on it and it will fit your screen)

Further explanation:

I originally had a visualization of this diagram in a dream while I was serving a proselyting mission for my church. Here’s the brief explanation:

  • The big empty circle represents our life as spirits before we were born. We believe that God is literally the father of our spirits.
  • The tiny square in the middle represents our life right now on earth. Compared to our life before and after earth, it is minuscule. However, it is a vital decision point.
  • The big circle with a sun, moon, and star represent how much of our potential we might fulfill, depending on which heaven we and God decide we best reside in. The Telestial Kingdom (represented by a star) and the Terrestrial Kingdom (represented by a moon) don’t realize our full potential, while the Celestial Kingdom (represented by a sun) does.
  • Note that the circle representing our life before we were born is as big as the Celestial Kingdom. We believe everyone has the potential and will have an equal chance to reach the Celestial Kingdom and realize their full potential, but because we believe God respects our freedom to choose, some of us may choose to not work towards that in the long run.
  • We believe that the earth, our mortal life, and the heavens were prepared by God for his children as a plan to help us realize our full potential without the risk of us losing it from something out of our control. That’s why our church calls it “The Plan of Salvation”.