Hamsters, a conveyor belt, and an angry cat.

Vulcat’s Revenge is a chaotic asymmetrical 4v1 board game that takes place on a shifting conveyor belt. Multiple players play as hamsters in hamster balls, running around on the conveyor belt in order to cooperatively collect enough points to escape. One player plays as Vulcat, who is able to shift the conveyor belt, stun hamsters, and is trying to knock them off the conveyor belt before they can escape.

Originally this game was created by me and three other students as a group project for one of the class’s assignments. In the group project, I was mostly working on the gameplay design and game piece creation. However, I loved the game idea so much, that with the permission of the other group members I revamped all the assets and simplified the gameplay in order to make it easier to understand for players. The redesigned game was featured at the 2020 USC Games Expo.