A visualization of “The Tree of Life” analogy/vision from the religious text “The Book of Mormon”.

It aims to visually remain faithful to the original text while using creative liberties to inspire new thoughts from viewers, whether familiar with the story or not.

Originally drawn with copic markers, and then digitized in Procreate.

(If the image is too large to see all at once, click on it and it will fit your screen)

Further explanation:

First, I imagined a spiral. Then I found a way to divide the spiral into two parts that could be visually contrasting. One part was saturated with color, while the other was black and white. After making some thumbnails, I used the negative space to ensure no part of the illustration lacked detail. Some additions I made to the artwork which aren’t in the original text are:

  • I added angels retrieving and giving the fruit of the tree to those who arrived at the tree. I did this to visually explain how people were able to acquire the tree’s fruit, since I drew the tree very large compared to the people.
  • I added ladders coming from the surrounding buildings and the river, to convey the important doctrine of Repentance which the church I’m a part of believes in.
  • I also decided to use skyscrapers instead of ancient architecture, to better relate the story to our modern lives.

I am very happy and grateful with how this piece turned out, and it remains one of my favorite creations to this day.