Here are some short Maya creations I have made.

1) Robot animation

This was created in 2019 during a 4 week pre-college experience at Ringling College of Art and Design, where they taught us multiple programs for developing 2d and 3d art (including 3D modeling, animation, and rendering in Maya). This is also where I learned how to add texturing and shaders onto game assets using Substance Painter. The main thing I focused on when making this particular project was giving lively movements to the robot in order to create a personality for the character I had created, which I think I succeeded doing relative to the experience level I was at.

2) Antigravity Rube Goldberg
I created this in a Maya class during my sophomore year at USC. The project was to create a Rube Goldberg animation to put to use the skills we had learned so far in the class. I decided to challenge myself by making mine switch the direction of gravity a couple of times, along with trying out more complex camera movements to capture the gravity changes.

3) Hand Animation
Experiment on how to create joints, bind them to a complex mesh (such as a hand shape), and then establish custom controller values (such as how much a finger curls) to allow for easier animating. I then made an animation of my created hand doing rock-paper-scissors gestures.

4) Maya > ZBrush > Substance Painter Pipeline
Currently I’m learning digital sculpting in ZBrush (on my Wacom Cintiq), with the goal of incorporating the Maya > ZBrush > Substance Painter pipeline in my Maya work. Above is an early test.