Illustrations for a theoretical adventure game’s in-game interfaces.

I created this as an assignment for a User Interface Design class I took in my Freshman year at USC. The assignment was to imagine a theoretical video game and then make a few user interfaces for it. The name of the game I came up with was “Flight Of The Vessels”, and the concept was heavily inspired by the video game Ori and The Blind Forest. I drew out an imaginary gameplay shot, and then made a hud display, inventory panel, quests panel, and minimap panel. I wanted it to seem like the UI was diegetic, where it was being displayed within the game’s universe as though the character was holographically displaying it in front of them. I’m more experienced with Adobe Illustrator now than when I did these (and could make similar Interfaces much faster & with additional refinement). That said, I’m pretty happy with the result considering my level of Illustrator experience at the time.