Custom laser target Minigame for a local Escape Room.

A local escape room owner hired me to create this puzzle for his escape room. The project was to create an Arduino-controlled robot skull with a laser eye. The user could swivel the head left and right and make the laser tilt up and down. There were targets that the user could aim the laser to hit, and once all the targets were hit, a magnetic lock would be released, giving the escape room player access to whatever came next.

I did the electronics breadboard work and Arduino wiring, along with the programming of the whole setup. The skull model was based on a downloadable asset (from Thingiverse), but was heavily modified to incorporate two servo motors and a moving laser pointer in the eye. The skull and a few extra parts were then 3D printed, and after lots of assembling, tuning, and troubleshooting, it worked as planned. The Escape Room owner was happy with the results and said it was a fan favorite prop in his new escape room experience.