Experimental two-sided maze, with audio & memory-based clues to waypoints.

In this Unity project, I wanted to add a twist to the regular maze concept. The first thing I did was make it so that you could traverse the inside and outside parts of the labyrinth (technically it’s a labyrinth and not a maze because there is no explicit beginning or end to it). I then added invisible waypoints the player is trying to find within the maze. The player is able to tell when they are getting close to a waypoint by an audio cue that gets louder / changes pitch when they get closer, along with a visual cue where the maze gets lighter / darker as the player gets closer… until it’s solid white or black. When the player is close enough that the player can’t see where they are going, the player must rely on memory in order to navigate to the waypoint.

This project definitely is on the most experimental end, but I still am happy with the result, and I think a more advanced game could definitely be built upon this abstract idea.